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  • Water worries: An op-ed and a call to action

    by | Mar 13, 2015 | No Comments

    It’s no secret that California’s drought is an ever-looming presence, and this op-ed provides a sobering view of California’s future.

     There are several things that can and should be implemented to alleviate the effects of the drought, including:

    • rain barrels/tanks (largest capacity possible highly recommended) 
    • passive rain water harvesting - such as bioswales and rain gardens (ideal option) 
    • turf removal
    • greywater systems (even just putting a bucket in the shower if you rent or cannot afford to update your plumbing)
    • Across the board water rationing (i.e. wash the car less often or not at all, sweep driveways and walkways rather than hose them down and shorter showers to name a few)
    • encouraging local and state representatives to provide even more incentives, programs and a long term plan to address the effects of the drought

    Thankfully there are workshops and classes for installing your own systems and other best practices – see regular events at The Growing Home, Greywater Corps and The Shed (along with several others!), as well as rebate programs through www.socalwatersmart.com and helpful blogs such as Chance of Rain by Emily Green. Make sure to check your local water district or city for special programs and incentives. 

    Keep an eye out on our events page for upcoming informational workshops, events and sales. 

    **If you know of any relevant workshops and events in your community or with your organization, we would love to know about it and post on our events page. Please contact mary@heytanksla.com with the details. 

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