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  • Use Water Wisely Instead of Not At All

    by | Oct 21, 2014 | No Comments

    As Exceptional drought looms across the state, many of us have taken steps towards conserving water through taking shorter showers, choosing plants for a more drought-tolerant landscape and letting lawns die. 

    However, there is no need to let all your favorite plants and trees die too. There are alternatives available to water your plants and use water wisely. Consider options such as reusing your shower or sink water to irrigate your plants and trees. Methods include a low-tech “bucket and chuck it” system of putting a bucket in your shower to catch water while you shower or installing a greywater system. A simple Laundry to Landscape system starts at about $1000 to install and is wonderful option for reusing water to irrigate your trees and non-edible plants – water which would otherwise be lost to the sewer. Greywater Corps also offers workshops for DIYers that are interested in installing their own system. 
    It’s important to remember not neglect trees when conserving water on your property. Emily Green writes about the importance of continuing to irrigate trees in her excellent blog: Chance of Rain
    Many water-saving efforts and incentives are in the works. Southern California residents can take advantage of socalwatersmart.com for rebates and Los Angeles County residents can take part in the Cash for Grass program. Keep an eye out for programs in your area. 

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