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Rainwater Harvesting for the LA Basin

Water Efficient Landscaping


Our Water Efficient Landscape Design Service works with residents and landscape professionals to utilize the inherent qualities of your yard or outdoor space. We use the basic principles of water harvesting earthworks or passive rainwater harvesting, combined with native planting and soil improvements, to create a landscape that generates. Unlike rainwater catchment (or active rainwater harvesting), passive rainwater harvesting slows, spreads and sinks water in the soil rather than a container. Water is directed through pathways to strategically placed native plants and trees. Storm runoff from nearby impervious surfaces (like rooftops, sidewalks and driveways) can also be integrated into this system and a California native habitat will flourish with very little maintenance and reduce the need for supplemental watering. Because most households use over half their water consumption for irrigation, you will see a significant drop in your water bill, if you properly budget your water use.

Every site is unique and we will work together with you to create a vision based on the site, your goals, and good ecological design. Working with what already exists or starting from scratch, we start with a site analysis and give you several options based on budget, practicality and environmental stewardship. You choose the ones that best fit your needs.

Combining Water Efficient Landscape Design with our other services, like grey water reuse or rainwater catchment, will create an integrated system that maximizes the benefits when used together.

To learn about drought-tolerant, native plants, the WUCOLS III Guide on our resource page is an excellent source of information.

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