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Rainwater Harvesting for the LA Basin

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    Our Comprehensive Services
We provide in-depth planning, design, permitting, installing and maintaining each of our systems. Hey!Tanks covers all your needs for setting up water harvesting for your home, business or garden.

    We design and install rainwater catchment systems throughout the Los Angeles area and surrounding counties. While almost any contractor can divert your downspout into a cistern, a system needs to be well designed, well built and well maintained in order to function properly and save you headaches down the road. Designing and building rainwater collection systems is how we started our business. From 50 to 50,000 gallon tanks, we offer a wide range of options; keeping in mind your goals of the system, application, and integration with your environment. 

    We install above and below-ground systems made of polyethylene, fiberglass, precast concrete, and corrugated steel. Systems can often be modular to accommodate space challenges. We regularly install BUSHMAN, Rainwater HOG, GRAF, XERXES, JENSEN PRECAST, ATLANTIS SYSTEMS, as well as custom-built designs(will link to portfolio). Most are used for landscape irrigation, however we aim to accommodate all beneficial uses for your harvested rainwater. We encourage designs that utilize gravity when possible, but if a pump is necessary-we’ll do the calculations and install one. Further, we encourage designs that overflow and spread to landscape before reaching the storm drain. 

    You may purchase our products separately through our store.  When you purchase items from us, keep in mind we don’t sell anything we haven’t installed.  We have first hand experience with every product we sell.

    If you’re wondering about how much water you can collect, here is the formula:
    1″ of rain x 1 sq. ft. = 0.623 gallons   or     1″ of rain from 1,000 sq. ft. will provide 623 gallons

    You can find an annual precipitation table (document: Los Angeles Seasonal Rainfall 1877-2009), as well as other useful calculators on our resources page.

    There, you can also find a list of government rebates and local incentives.

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