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Greywater Systems

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A greywater system recycles the water you use indoors. Water used in your washing machine, shower and bathroom sinks can be safely diverted to your landscape. Like using your water twice. While greywater may have a “dirty” appearance, it can be a safe and useful source of irrigation water given proper application. Plants consume the nutrients, while organisms in the soil break down oils and other organic material. Greywater is conveyed through pipes to the mulch and topsoil, or just below it. We can often build a system that works on gravity, directing the water to areas where it is most needed. Some applications may require the use of a pump, if benefit exceeds energy consumption.

If you have a pier-and-beam home, it’s likely we can access the greywater sources in your crawl space and route them to your landscape. A concrete slab home or “slab-on-grade” makes it too costly to install in most cases. However, we may still be able to install a system from your washing machine or upstairs bathroom. A consultation and site visit will help us determine the most efficient and practical greywater system for your needs.

Types of Greywater Systems we install:

  • Laundry to Landscape – Gravity Fed
  • Branched Drain – Gravity Fed
  • Pump and Basin – for uphill or pressure application such as a drip line
  • Complex Systems – Featuring automated zone watering, self cleaning, vacation mode, rainwater backup

**All systems are built to meet CPC standards.

**All systems are built to be selectable between landscape and sewer.

Click on the calculator to estimate how much greywater your family could be reusing every month.

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