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Rainwater Harvesting for the LA Basin

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  • Tank Size Calculator

    Potential Rainfall Storage Calculator (gallons)

    The tank sizing calculator is for estimating purposes only and uses the potential catchment footprint being utilized for Rainwater Harvesting, Total Annual Rainfall (inches) based on the National Climate Data Center Normal Monthly Precipitation Chart supplied here:  heytanksla.com/noaa-ncdc-average-annual-rainfall/, the Runoff Coefficient of the roof or catchment area and finally a safety factor to account for first flush diversion, evaporation and/or freezing in cold climates.


    Length (ft.) =
    Width (ft.) =
    Rain Harvest Area =

    Runoff Coefficient = (Typical range: 0.70-0.95)
      view info regarding runoff coefficient

    Annual Rainfall = (In inches)
      Pick your annual rainfall total

    Safety Factor = (Typical range: 0.65-0.95)
      view info regarding safety factors

    Gallons per Inch of Rainfall =

    Potential Storage Volume Required in Gallons=

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