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Rainwater Harvesting for the LA Basin

  • Welcome to Hey!Tanks.
    Our Mission is to provide rainwater harvesting and greywater re-use information, system designs, top quality products and services to residents, the public sector and businesses alike in Southern California.
  • Low Impact Development (LID) Compliance
    We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of LID systems such as Rainbarrels & Cisterns, Permeable or Porous Pavers, Planter Boxes, Raingardens and Dry Wells.
  • Our Comprehensive Services
    We provide in-depth planning, design, permitting, installing and maintaining each of our systems. Hey!Tanks covers all your needs for setting up water harvesting for your home, business or garden.
  • Corporate Contracting
    There is no project too big or too small for Hey!Tanks. Call us today and schedule a free consultation to find out more about how we can help you meet your project needs or requirements.

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Dec 16, 2016 

Our latest project in Brentwood, CA includes a below ground cistern for rain water capture….

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SoCal WaterSmart Rebate Program

Residents and businesses in the LA area can now receive a rebate on rainwater harvesting tanks.

! Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

We design, install and maintain Rainwater Harvesting systems throughout Los Angeles area.

Commercial Services

Commercial Services

We offer site assessments, consultations, design and installation services to architects, engineers and builders. We design integrated systems for new developments and retrofits alike!

! Greywater

Greywater Re-use Systems

Water used in your washing machine, shower and bathroom sinks can be safely diverted to your landscape, netting considerable savings in water usage. We build each system to suit individual site conditions and client specific needs.


LID Stormwater Compliance

Hey!Tanks specializes in Low Impact Development stormwater compliance system designs & installations for agencies throughout Los Angeles. We furnish & install LID compliant stormwater BMP products (Rain Barrels, Cisterns, Permeable Pavers, Planter Boxes, Infiltration systems, Dry Wells).

! Landscaping

Water Efficient Landscaping

We work with architects, builders, designers, engineers and landscape architects to find water saving solutions for both residential and commercial clients. From commercial Greywater systems that flush toilets with captured AC condensation to reducing irrigation costs for landscaping and even LID compliant rain barrels.

Plans and Permitting

Plans & Permitting Services

Hey!Tanks offers full CAD drawing packages to either stand-alone or to be incorporated into the overall construction documents. We also assist in providing turn-key solutions to aid in providing a fully permitted water harvesting system to General Contractors, Builders, Architects and Engineers. Call us to find out how we can help you get your next project on the fast track to approval!


AC Condensate Capture & Use

Condensation is produced when warm, moisture-laden air passes over the coils of an air-conditioning system. Utilizing condensate water as a source for irrigation purposes is ideal since unlike rain, which is sporadic and unpredictable, condensate is produced regularly during the hottest summer months when the need for irrigation is greatest.

Inspection and Maintence

System Inspection & Maintenance Services

As Certified ARCSA Accredited Professionals, Hey!Tanks staff are experienced in installing water harvesting systems. We are up to date with all local city and county mandates.  Our installations are designed and maintained at the highest standards.



We've compiled a list of resources on Rainwater Harvesting and related topics to assist you in learning more about utilizing this most precious of resources, our water supply.

Welcome to Hey!Tanks LA – Water Harvesting

Our com­pany was born from a desire to keep California green and sus­tain­able for future gen­er­a­tions through Rainwater & Greywater Harvesting and Low Impact Development (LID) systems. Our mis­sion is to edu­cate the pub­lic about the region’s water plight and to offer and inspire attainable design solu­tions.

We do this through:  Edu­ca­tion and rais­ing pub­lic aware­ness, con­sul­ta­tion and design, as well as the installation and maintenance of every system we develop.  Our Rainwater and Greywater harvesting systems are unique to the Los Angeles metropolitan area as we strive to use the most advanced and sustainable local vendors and rainwater catchment systems in the industry.

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